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I had a business in the healthcare sector, and I still receive offers almost every day from all of the different brokers and funders offering me money in 24-48 hours with no credit check etc. Sounds great, right? I decided to check it out and I saw that nobody tells you how expensive these fundings really are. Most businesses need the money but can’t get it from a regular bank, and they are maxed on their credit cards, so there is  simple solution, have the money deducted daily from your credit card processor or directly from your bank account and even though it is expensive, you can deal with it .Brilliant. It works. But still, very expensive.

Here is  where we come in. How about taking a smaller funding while you figure things out. How much should you take? Maybe you are getting a new credit card in a few days or weeks, or maybe you will be able to successfully get a more traditional loan in a couple weeks. Or maybe you can do a larger transaction like this?  But you need money now. So that is where we come in. 10k dollars for 10 days for free. Well, of course its not totally free, so let me explain. We give you 10 thousand dollars by purchasing your future revenue from your business,minus approximately 10% for costs etc, but if you return the money in 10 days, all you pay is the principal. Not a penny more. .


Our Vision

Why do we do it? First of all, we are hoping that you decide to keep the money and in that case we are like everyone else that you pay down via ACH a daily withdrawal from your bank account, but even if you don't keep it and you send us back the 10 thousand, you will come to us again, when your business needs more money. We also work closely with other funders and we can arrange a large amount of capital for your business any time. And we have our costs covered with the 10% taken off the top so why not?




Is this a loan?

No. Absolutely not. 10kexpress or its affiliates are doing a “Merchant Cash Advance” which is a payment that is made upfront in exchange for future sales. Your payments are made daily via ACH from your bank account.

How do I qualify?

If you are in business for at least six months and you have business revenue of at least $5000 per month, then you should qualify.

I’m ready! What do you need from me?

We need a copy of your Government issued Photo ID.

A copy of a voided check from your bank account

Last three copies of your Business bank account.

Prepare all of this and email us at info@10kexpress.com and a representative will get you everything you need to get you the capital that your business needs.

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